Friday, December 18, 2020

Today -100: December 18, 1920: When is he coming?

Headline of the Day -100:  

But he won’t say what it is. He did just have lunch with William Jennings Bryan, though, and Bryan is pushing a plan for countries to agree to hold referenda before going to war.

House Republicans decide that reapportionment should increase the size of the House of Representatives to 483. This would mean no state would lose a seat, while 25 would gain (5 for California, 4 NY, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, etc). Naturally, this plan would mostly benefit Republicans. The caucus rejects Rep. Tinkham’s move to investigate black voter suppression in the South.

Supposedly, police auxiliaries in Ireland are driving around with the mayor of Kilkenny as a hostage to prevent attacks.

Sidney Catts, the governor of Florida and a reverend, threatens to shoot Big Joe Earman, the editor of the Palm Beach Post, due to the latter’s “tyranny, arrogance and big-stick bossing” (big-stick bossing is the worst kind). “When is he coming?” responds Earman. The paper had taken the reverend governor to task for reinstating a state’s attorney who drank up the evidence against a bootlegger.

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