Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Today -100: December 9, 1920: Of occupations, periods of quiet, bootleg evils, women students, and disarmament

The British military evicts Dublin city government departments (treasury, public health, etc) from their buildings to use them as officers’ barracks. Subtle.

Britain blocks the Villard Committee, a US group investigating conditions in Ireland, from sending investigators there. The British Embassy says the truth about those conditions can’t be established until after the Irish insurgency has been crushed and there’s been “a period of quiet.”

Headline of the Day -100:  

Cambridge University rejects allowing women students equal admission, with degrees and everything. They’ll have to wait until 1948.

The Greek government asks Constantine to abdicate the throne he doesn’t currently occupy in favor of the crown prince.

In Massachusetts elections this week, all women candidates for local office failed.

Woodrow Wilson declines the League of Nations’s offer for him to send a representative to its disarmament commission because, he points out, the US is not a member of the League of Nations.

Ohio Gov. Cox offers, if Harding wants to leave the Senate now and get on with president-electing, to replace him with a Republican, former Governor Frank Willis, who is senator-elect for the other seat. Harding says he wants to talk to Willis first. Also, Willis’s father is dying, so maybe not the best time.

Also dying: Augusta Victoria, the former kaiserin of Germany (i.e., Wilhelm’s missus). The Reichstag is discussing whether or not to pass a sympathy resolution when she does. The Socialists are opposed.

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