Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Today -100: December 8, 1920: I thank no one for refraining from murdering me

Woodrow Wilson’s last State of the Union Address calls for Philippines independence, a loan to Armenia, tax reform, federal licensing of corporations engaged in interstate commerce, and rehabilitation and training for disabled vets, but nothing about the Peace Treaty (it’s still unknown whether he intends to re-submit it to the Senate).

Warren G. Harding leaves his card at the White House.

Several members of Dublin city council, supposedly IRA members, are arrested. From hiding, Michael Collins, head of the IRA, denies reports that an agreement to start peace talks includes a guarantee of his safety. In fact there is no such agreement, he says, and his personal safety “does not matter and does not count as a factor in the question of Ireland’s rights. I thank no one for refraining from murdering me.”

The Jersey City police chief orders all suspicious-looking negroes who are out at night rounded up. There have been no fewer than 3 crimes committed by black people recently “and it has got to stop,” says the chief.

Woodrow Wilson’s getting a Nobel Peace Prize, presumably because he kept us out of war. Wait...

Rep. Isaac Siegel (R-NY) objects to the bill suspending immigration for 2 years having passed through the Immigration Committee without a hearing. He says the bill is the result of Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic propaganda. He wants immigrants “Americanized” from the minute they arrive, and for them to be steered away from the big cities.

A bill in the Philippines Territorial Senate would require the wearing of trousers in public, under penalty of 5 years in prison. The senator proposing it says “The appearance of half-naked pagans is a most shameful exhibition, and is capitalized by the opponents of Philippine independence as demonstrating the incapacity of the Filipinos for self-government.” The government would distribute trousers free.

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