Friday, December 04, 2020

Today -100: December 4, 1920: Of motorcycles, breeding places of iniquity, elementary duties of civilization, and simple spelling

Headline of the Day -100:  

In response to complaints from Canadian Christian missionaries operating in Japanese-occupied Manchuria, Japan says it only burned churches and schools if there was proof positive that they were “breeding places of iniquity.” Also, soldiers had to execute villagers without even a court-martial, but took utmost care to avoid indiscriminate massacres. So that’s okay then. Also, if British missionaries keep supporting Korean malcontents, Japanese Buddhists are entitled to assist anti-British elements in India.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George says his political opponents are using the Irish reprisals as an excuse to attack him and that while “the police are discharging those elementary duties of civilization,” they are entitled to the support of every honest citizen, and Liberals should really be denouncing Sinn Féin.

The announced day for Fiume’s war on Italy to commence has come and gone without any actual war.

The Allies tell Greece, two days before the plebiscite, that if Constantine becomes king again, all financial support will end.

Republican NY Gov.-Elect Warren Miller wants the Socialists elected to the Assembly to be allowed, this time, to take their seats.

The Navy reverses a 1905 order allowing simplified spelling (“thru” for “through,” etc).

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