Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Today -100: December 2, 1920: IT’S WAR!

Headline of the Day -100:  

This is the poet-aviator’s response to Italy ordering the military men who’ve defected to Fiume to return to their units. Italy is also threatening a blockade, and it sounds like they might actually mean it this time. D’Annunzio’s announcement pencils in the start of that war for two days later. What sort of monster starts a war on a Friday?

Former kaiser Wilhelm demands one billion marks, which is the equivalent of some money, in compensation for the loss of lands, his civil list allowance, and an art gallery. Some of those properties actually belong to the Prussian/German state.

General Alvaro Obregón is sworn in as president of Mexico, using his left hand because he lost part of his right arm, shot off or something, which will naturally lead to a debate over whether that even counts.

Philippines Governor-General Burton Harrison says the Philippines are ready for independence.

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