Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Today -100: April 14, 1921: We are about to enter upon a great industrial struggle; we are not proclaiming a revolution

500 disabled Italian veterans occupy the headquarters of the state railway in Rome and its Genoa and Florence offices to enforce their demand it fire women workers and replace them with disabled vets.

István Friedrich, prime minister of Hungary for a few months back in 1919, goes on trial for inciting and helping organize the 1918 assassination of former prime minister Stephen Tisza.

Headline of the Day -100:  

The coal strike in Britain will now be a Triple Alliance (miners, railwaymen, transport) strike, with the electrical unions sympathy-striking. The Triple Alliance issues a manifesto: “We are about to enter upon a great industrial struggle; we are not proclaiming a revolution.” They are in fact fighting for a national pay scale, based on a national profits pool. Prime Minister David Lloyd George sends the union leaders a letter asking for “the grounds on which you have determined to inflict such a serious blow on your fellow-countrymen.”

Yugoslav Prime Minister Nikola Pašic is working on a new constitution, dropping federation in favor of centralism, which doesn’t bode well for a notoriously diverse country stitched together from the ruins of the Austrian, Ottoman and, hell, Venetian empires: 7 neighbors, 6 republics, 5 nationalities, 4 languages, 3 religions, 2 alphabets and 1 dinar, as Yugoslavs will enjoy describing the country. No women’s suffrage; Pašic says the time isn’t right yet.

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