Thursday, April 01, 2021

Today -100: April 1, 1921: Of coal, kings, hand grenades, and paper cuts

Britain declares a state of emergency over the coal strike and implements rationing. The miners have called out the pump men, who are usually allowed to work during strikes so the mines don’t flood.

Former Austro-Hungarian emperor Charles is negotiating with Hungary on conditions for leaving the country and maybe even officially abdicating. Of course his conditions are ridiculous. He wants his 8-year-old son Otto’s claims to the throne upheld in Hungarian law and he wants civil list money of 150 million kroner, which is the equivalent of some money, and an annual payment. As Hungary’s Little Entente neighbors mobilize troops to prevent Charles being crowned king, Adm. Horthy is trying to send Chuck to Spain. There are a lot of rumors going around, including one that Charles is marching on Budapest at the head of Gen. Anton Lehár’s West Hungary army.

Germany was supposed to disarm by today but hasn’t. Now it wants to arbitrate the question. It says it won’t disarm the fortresses on the Polish border because of “present events in the East.”

A police barracks in West Cork is blown up and burned down, with 6 cops known dead and others probably buried under the rubble so are hand grenades from the barracks’ armory and they’re exploding from time to time.

Sinn Féin will contest rather than boycott the elections for the two Irish parliaments. Éamon de Valera says the elections will demonstrate the Irish desire for independence and no partition.

Headline of the Day -100:  

Who would pay for a paper cut?

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