Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Today -100: April 21, 1921: Of treaties, severe and energetic repression, and the late Bertie Russell

The US Senate ratifies the treaty with Colombia which has been kicking around for years, after rejecting a poison pill amendment by William Borah (R-Idaho) asserting that paying $25m to Colombia is not an admission that the US fomented the Panama revolution in 1903 (which it totally did) (and if not, what’s the $25m for?). Colombia for the first time recognizes Panama’s independence.

New Hungarian PM Count Istv├ín Bethlen tells Parliament that an anti-Semitic policy is not desirable, but he won’t let Jews monopolize Hungarian commerce.

Socialist MPs in Italy tell Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti that if he doesn’t do something about the Fascist violence, Socialists will abstain from next month’s election and Socialist officials will abstain from their work (unclear if this means in general or just administering the election). Giolitti reassures them that all violence will be “severely and energetically repressed.” Spoiler Alert: it won’t be.

Irish Unionists are begging the government to postpone elections to the Southern Irish Parliament. 

Premature NYT Obit of the Day -100: Bertrand Russell!

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