Monday, April 26, 2021

Today -100: April 26, 1921: Together at last

Dr. Daniel Russell Hodgdon, President of Valparaiso University in Indiana, resigns, calling the university a “hotbed of Bolshevism, communism and other cults.”

France and Britain are now demanding that Germany deposit 90% of the Reichsbank’s gold reserves in the Bank of France by the end of the month to guarantee that Germany will pay the reparations demanded of it.

Germany offers to pay 200 billion gold marks in reparations ($48b) rather than the 226b the Allies are demanding, spread over 30 to 42 years at a rate fluctuating with the German economy. It repeats its offer to help reconstruction in the war-devastated areas of France and Belgium, and you can imagine how thrilled France and Belgium are at the prospect of German workers coming in to do that.

In the semi-official plebiscite in the Austrian Tyrol, the vote is 98% to join Germany, although some of that suspiciously large majority are actually Germans brought in for the vote, including a trainload of 700 from Bavaria. In the South Tyrol, annexed by Italy at the end of the war, Fascists attacked costumed Tyrolese at the fair in Bozen/Bolzano on Saturday.

Rep. Volstead introduces a bill to ban doctors writing prescriptions for beer.

Albert Einstein goes to the White House. Pres. Harding admits he doesn’t understand relativity.

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