Friday, April 30, 2021

Today -100: April 30, 1921: Shakespeare won’t mind

The British military in Tipperary, Ireland warn that anyone with hands in their pockets is liable to being arrested or shot. And in Cork the military announces that in response to the burning of houses of two loyalist farmers, the houses of 3 “prominent active Sinn Feiners have been burned as official reprisals.” Remember when they were denying that there was any such a thing as official reprisals?

The Michigan State Senate rejects the bill banning newspapers attacking, misrepresenting or criticizing religious cults, intended to target Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic Dearborn Independent. One senator seemed to think it would ban reprinting the bits of the Bible about the crucifixion.

May Day is coming up, and the Chicago PD are preparing by arresting communists, anarchists and the like, and seizing pamphlets.

A 19-year-old black man accused of attempted assault on a 14-year-old white girl is seized by a mob from the police station in Bowling Green, Missouri and hanged.

The Fascist takeover of Fiume a few days ago was accomplished by incoming Fascists from Trieste who previously supported Poet-Aviator Gabriele d’Annunzio. They threatened the death penalty for anyone defying the “Exceptional Government of the Italian City of Fiume.” Since then, however, the man they named dictator, former mayor Ricardo Gigante, has fled the city.

The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-on-Avon will show movies when not in use for Shakespeare festivals, and Shakespearistas are LIVID, although playwright J.B. Fagan (the NYT calls him F.B.) says “why not, after all, make the devil serve? ... I am sure Shakespeare won’t mind.”

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