Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Today -100: March 31, 1921: Nobody has a right to send for me

Attorney General Harry Daugherty says the US will settle down in a year or two and start obeying Prohibition laws.

More details about former Austro-Hungarian emperor Charles’s visit to Budapest. On arrival, he changed into a general’s uniform, went to the royal palace and demanded entrance, then sent for Admiral Horthy, who was eating dinner. Horthy replied, “At present I am head of the Hungarian state. Nobody has a right to send for me.” Their meeting went about as well as that beginning portended, and Charles agreed to leave the country. Bishop Count János Mikes, who hosted him, has been arrested, along with several monarchist army officers (the leg of his journey through Austria has also led to arrests). The worry is that Gen. Anton Lehár (brother of  operetta composer Franz Lehár), who has his own power base in West Hungary, a disputed region which is supposed to go to Austria, will support Charles’s ambitions. Horthy is censoring all news of this. The Little Entente (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania) warns Austria that if Charles is allowed to remain in that country they will invade and warn Hungary that any restoration would be a casus belli.

NJ Assemblyman Dr. Walter Alexander presides as acting Speaker, which is notable in that he is black and indeed the first black man elected to the NJ Legislature, in 1920. His parents were slaves.

The Republican-dominated Oklahoma Legislature is considering impeaching Democratic Gov. James Robertson. A special committee accuses him of “waste and incompetency,” excessive clemency to convicts, graft, tax evasion, threatening legislators representing the area containing the University of Oklahoma with funding cuts if they didn’t vote with him, etc.

The Dept of Agriculture asks Americans to eat more onions.

Parents in Westfield, Massachusetts are giving their children sugar lumps soaked in ether to reduce their appetites.

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