Monday, March 29, 2021

Today -100: March 29, 1921: Of chief justices, barricades, and little tramps’ little mums

The NYT has information, “of a character sufficiently definite to furnish good ground for credence,” that Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Douglass White will soon resign and Harding will appoint former president Taft to replace him. White really wants Taft to succeed him, and the assurance that he would do so is the basis of the (false) belief that he will soon resign. In fact, he will soon die. Taft named White chief justice in 1910, despite White being a Democrat who was appointed associate justice by Grover Cleveland.

Berlin is barricaded against the communist insurrection. In Halle, all phone calls are required to be in German, because of course Russians are behind all this.

Charlie Chaplin’s mother Hannah is temporarily detained at Ellis Island because of her mental health history, which this article claims is shell shock from World War I air raids, which it very much isn’t. Chaplin has been lobbying officials for two years for her to be allowed into the US.

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