Thursday, March 11, 2021

Today -100: March 11, 1921: Of leprosaria, curfews, medicines, cabinets, and disorderly conduct

Massachusetts closes its leper colony on an island in Buzzards Bay, sending its 13 prisoners to the federal leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana. 

The IRA posts notices of a “curfew” for soldiers and police, warning that any of them found on the streets after 10pm are liable to be shot.

One of former Attorney Gen. A. Mitchell Palmer’s last acts was to say that there are no limits on the amount of beer that can be prescribed by doctors. NYC breweries say they’re quite ready to supply the market for medicinal brewskies. There are 4,500 doctors in NYC with authority to write alcohol prescriptions.

Lenin blames the Kronstadt rebellion on France and Social Revolutionaries (SRs) and says it will be crushed in a few days. He does admit having made mistakes: trying to restore industry too quickly, problems in distribution of food.

800 Russian soldiers are said to have drowned trying to cross the ice to reach Kronstadt when the Kronstadthoovians, predictably, shelled the ice. The incident happened, not sure about the death toll.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” will open next month in New York. It’s described by the NYT as “the first photoplay built on the idea of cubism”.

Elsie Fisher makes a bet with friends that she can dress in men’s clothes and walk from West 90th St to 66th without being detected. She is detected, and a crowd starts following her until she is arrested for “disorderly conduct.”

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