Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Today -100: March 3, 1921: The only asset of Germany today is the working hour of the German workmen

The House and Senate compromise on reducing the size of the Army to 156,666.

Former speaker of the House James Beauchamp “Champ” Clark dies. The NYT has been tracking his health’s ups and downs in detail for days in a way it would never do now. Also Enrico Caruso’s. It says something about the period, but I’m not sure what.

The German government denies having any other counter-proposal to offer on reparations: “The only asset of Germany today... is the working hour of the German workmen, and it is no good our professing to be willing to pay more than the German workmen can produce. ... Remember this: If you kill the willingness of the German workmen to work, the whole of your proposals, whatever they may be, will go into the cellar.” The Allies are threatening dire consequences if a better answer is not forthcoming, such as occupying Hamburg, separating the left bank of the Rhine from Germany, seizing customs, etc. France is moving long-range guns to within shooting distance of Essen.

Ramsay MacDonald fails to get back into Parliament in a by-election in Woolwich, losing to a Captain Gee. Gee got a Victoria Cross during the war; MacDonald opposed the war.

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