Monday, March 01, 2021

Today -100: March 1, 1921: What sort of holidays do Irish schoolboys go on, anyway?

Panama captures the entire Costa Rican force that invaded Coto province. Panamanian Pres. Belisario Porras says something about Coto being valueless land and a war over it would be absurd, which is odd since he did declare war. Some Panamanians want him to resign; they attack the presidential palace, which is now being protected by US soldiers. The US sends notes to both governments asking them to please knock it off.

More rumors from Russia: the Communists overthrown in Petrograd, Trotsky is in hiding...

British soldiers are attacked in Cork, at least 5 killed.

Also in Cork, 6 men sentenced by courts-martial are executed. 5 were charged with an ambush on Crown forces, one for simple possession of a gun and ammunition. Canon O’Sullivan says the men went to their deaths “like school boys on a holiday.”

A Porter, Indiana train wreck results in at most 37 dead. The coroner corrects his earlier announcement that it was more than 40, which he made before he put all the body parts back together.

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