Thursday, March 25, 2021

Today -100: March 25, 1921: Mr. Debs Goes to Washington

John Williams, a white farmer in Jasper County, Georgia, is indicted for the murder of 3 of his black employees he’d been keeping in peonage, although another (black) employee, Clyde Manning, says Williams actually killed 11 men, some dumped in the Yellow River, some in the Alcovy River, and some buried. Manning murdered some of them at Williams’ direction.

Two Italian Fascists challenge the head of the Russian commercial delegation in Rome to a duel.

The Communist uprising in Hamburg and other cities in Germany “is believed to be receding”.

Eugene Debs comes to Washington to discuss a possible presidential pardon with Attorney General Harry Daugherty. They let him out of prison and let him make his way from Atlanta to DC without any guards, expecting him to return when his conference is over. Which of course he will. At his trial Debs acted as his own lawyer, so who else would meet Daughtery?

Yup, Greece has invaded Turkey.

A bomb explodes in the Diana theatre in Milan, killing 31. Possibly thrown by anarchist(s). Fascists wreck the office of the anarchist newspaper Humanita Nova on general principle, as well as offices of the Syndicalist Union and the Socialist Club.

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