Monday, October 17, 2022

Today -100: October 17, 1922: Of liberty, chicken oaths, and limits

Theodore Schierlman, mayor of Liberty, Kansas, is kidnapped by 15 Klansmen, taken out of town and whipped for having spoken against the Klan. His lawyer says he will sue the town for $100,000 under the Kansas mob law.

Judge Talley of General Sessions (NYC), after a Chinese witness is sworn in, asks the interpreter how much the oath “really means to a Chinese.” The interpreter explains that it would only count if the witness placed their hand on a dying sacrificed chicken. The judge doesn’t go along with it.

Britain rejects a proposal from the US to extend the 3-mile territorial limit to 12 miles, within which the US could search ships for booze. This is aimed at the Bahamas and other British colonies.

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