Friday, October 28, 2022

Today -100: October 28, 1922: Of evil Cabinet spirits and mingoes

Italian King Victor Emmanuel asks Luigi Facta and his Cabinet to stay in office as caretakers until a new government, whatever that may be, steps in. 4 ministers, the anti-Fascist ones, have definitively resigned anyway. At the Fascist convention, Mussolini referred to Facta as “that kindly but useless gentleman” (it’s funny cuz it’s true) and the 4 ministers as “the evil spirits of the present Cabinet”. There will need to be some Fascist participation in the next government, or they will make the country (more) ungovernable.

The United Mine Workers gives up the Mingo strike after more than 2 years, facing a third winter of strikers living in tents and violent suppression by the state of West Virginia.

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