Sunday, October 02, 2022

Today -100: October 2, 1922: The soul of Russia and the soul of America are about to understand each other

The Prohibition Party asks New York Gov. Nathan Miller (R) if he would accept the Prohibition Party nomination for re-election. He’s not a prohibitionist, but he does stand for enforcing all laws, which is good enough for them. Miller says no, he’s not a prohibitionist and doesn’t want to be mistaken for one. They’ll wind up endorsing him anyway.

The Anti-Saloon League tells its Illinois members to just ignore next month’s referendum on beer and light wines, which the head of its Ill. branch says is just a referendum on obedience of the law.

The NY Republican state convention adopts a plank for equal rights for women.

Dancer Isadora Duncan and her husband, Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, plus a secretary and her children, arrive in the US, but immigration officers order them kept on the ship until a board of inquiry decides whether to allow them into the country. She denies coming to disseminate communist propaganda, she’s all about the art: “We believe the soul of Russia and the soul of America are about to understand each other.”

While sticking up a Dublin pub, robbers shoot Pres. Cosgrave’s father dead when he grabs one of their guns. This isn’t the pub owned by Pres. Cosgrave himself that was robbed last week, but another pub owned by some relative.

The NYC Post Office is reopening the old pneumatic mail tube system shut down by Woodrow Wilson in 1918. Cool.

The medical commissioner for insanity in Cook County, Dr. James Hall, says the number of people going crazy in Chicago has doubled since prohibition.

Headline of the Day -100:  

“Skillfully severed”.

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