Friday, March 10, 2023

Today -100: March 10, 1923: Of drinking, mortars, porterhouse steaks, and shafts

Lady Nancy Astor, MP, introduces the 1st bill every introduced into Parliament by a woman, to ban the sale of liquor in saloons to anyone under 18 for consumption on the premises (so the quaint practice of children being sent to fetch beer for their father can continue). The bill passes its first stage but will die unless the government provides it facilities to continue, which it won’t. During the debate, the Speaker steadfastly ignores Edwin Scrymgeour, the only MP from the Scottish Prohibition Party, who presumably had some thoughts on the subject, and Sir Frederick Banbury (age 72) reminisces about drinking beer during meals at Winchester College and says under-age drinking certainly didn’t ruin his looks. He also wonders how saloon-keepers will even be able to tell the age of women, he sure can’t, it’s something to do with the way they do their hair these days.

A mortar shell from the 1870 Franco-Prussian War detonates in the Hotel Raynaud in Paris, which had been using it to break coal. The handle broke and some idiot applied a hot iron to it to get the pieces out and...

Cigarettes are legal in Utah now.

The Soviet Union will abolish many cemeteries and turn them into vegetable gardens.

Obit of the Day -100:  Anna Remich, inventor of the porterhouse steak.

Headline of the Day That Sounds Dirty But Isn’t -100:  

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