Thursday, March 23, 2023

Today -100: March 23, 1923: Surpassing relativity

Albert Einstein has a new theory that he says is even better than relativity, but he won’t say what it is yet. It came to him at sea (he’s been in Japan).

The German police raid the (deep breath...) Deutschvölkische Freiheitspartei (translated here as Germany Liberty Party), which is allied with the Nazi Party. Twenty people are arrested for intriguing against the Weimar Republic, plotting to murder anti-monarchists like Communist Reichstag member Clara Zetkin and to stir up violent resistance to the occupation of the Ruhr. A couple of Deutschvölkische Freiheitspartei deputies expecting to be arrested, Reinhold Wulle and Wilhelm Henning, hole up in the Reichstag, where they can’t be arrested.

I’ve been meaning to mention the recent proliferation of stories about dance records/marathons, but I can’t pass up the news that a new record, 25 hours, is set in Britain by... wait for it... Victor Hindmarch.

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