Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Today -100: March 28, 1923: Of stamps, Marxistic-Jewish-international pigsties, and driving saloons

Russia postpones the executions of Catholic Archbishop Zepliak and Monsignor Butchkavitsch.

French PM Raymond Poincaré says Germany will yield on the Ruhr by the end of May. Meanwhile, French forces raid the Dortmund Post Office and steal some stamps.

The French seize Otto Steinbrinck in Düsseldorf. He was captain of the U-boat that sank the Sussex, a French cross-channel ferry, in 1916, so he’s on the French “war criminal” list. I don’t think anything will come of this, but Steinbrinck will be convicted of war crimes, which seem to consist of involvement in munitions production, after the next world war.

The Munich Post accused Hitler of having only spent a couple of weeks at the front. The Austrian responds, “I have never combated the republican democratic form of State because I regard the present German Reich as neither a democracy nor a republic, but a Marxistic-Jewish-international pigsty.” That’s the worst sort of pigsty, er, probably. The far-right Bavarian government ridicules the federal government’s worries about a possible Nazi putsch last Sunday, saying they merely held “athletic exercises in the open, which they had a right to do without asking special permission”.

The left-wing Saxon government bans the Nazi party.

The Prince of Wales falls off a horse, as is the custom.

Gov. Gifford Pinchot of Pennsylvania signs a bill to “drive saloons out of the state.” He does know that saloons are, like, buildings, right?

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