Saturday, March 04, 2023

Today -100: March 4, 1923: Irretrievable failure is the worst kind of failure

The Senate votes down Harding’s proposal to join the World Court, 49-24. Exactly one Republican (Peter Norbeck of SD), supports it.

France troops occupy 5 more German towns, or at least their railway junctions and ports, in reprisal (their word) for the blocking & sabotage of Ruhr canals and railroads.

Sen. Joseph Robinson (D-Arkansas) says the outgoing 67th Congress has accomplished nothing except the Fordney-McCumber tariff act. Harding’s two most important legislative wishes, the World Court thing and the ship subsidy bill, failed miserably. “Thus failure, irretrievable failure, marks the record of the Administration throughout the last two years.” He attacks Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes for speaking to reporters but refusing to appear before the Sen. Foreign Relations Committee.

While Republicans were obstructing Harding’s wish list, Southern D’s filibuster everything else because they wanted the government to buy fertilizer for farmers to fight the dread boll-weevil.

The Dept of Labor rejects 300 appeals from Jews from Romania and Poland because those countries’ quota has been filled. They will be returned to the loving embrace of the anti-Semites that run Romania and Poland.

Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall, who leaves the job and his political career behind at the end of the month, has a long article I couldn’t get to the end of about how difficult public office is. Wait’ll he finds out what prison is like!

The “Party of Freedom” is formed in Utah to fight the anti-smoking law.

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