Monday, October 11, 2004

Even though we’ve destroyed their houses, the people are happy with us

The military budget just passed eliminates the limit on the number of US troops and “contractors” that can be sent to Colombia in support of the government of death-squad promoter and violent thug Alvaro Uribe (I’m not a big fan of Uribe). I’ve written a lot in the past about Colombia and Uribe, and here’s the results of a Google search for those posts (not in chronological order, I’m afraid, but the dates are clear enough).

The Iraqi “government” has been buying up weapons in Sadr City. They may come from members of the Mahdi Army, or not, since the prices are higher than those on the black market. Just in case you’ve got a few RPGs or machine guns you’ve been wanting to get rid of, I am providing the buy-back price list as a public service:
  • Heavy machinegun, $1,000
  • Heavy machinegun ammunition, 440 rounds, $200
  • 60mm mortar, $225
  • 120mm mortar, $275
  • Rocket-propelled grenade, $160
  • Kalashnikov, $150
  • Romanian sniper rifle, $630
  • Roadside bombs, $50
  • Katyusha rocket-launcher $50
  • Empty Kalashnikov magazine, $4
  • Grenade, $5
  • 350 Kalashnikov rounds, $320
Nothing about bows & arrows. One of the many industries for which tax breaks were just secretly voted by Congress is bow and arrow manufacturers.

Elsewhere in Iraq, Marine Capt. Carrie Batson, herewith declared Military Moron of the Day, said of the massive destruction caused by American bombing of Najaf, “Even though we’ve destroyed their houses, the people are happy with us” because Sadr had “hijacked” their town.

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