Friday, October 08, 2004

Kerry would win in a landslide if he just promised that the long national nightmare of watching Bush smirk would be over

So GeeDubya’s handlers told the cable news networks that he’d be making a major policy speech, conning them into running what was actually a regular campaign speech for an hour (and not one of them pulled the plug?), with lots of little digs at Kerry. Two things occur to me:

1) Isn’t it just adorably deluded that after all this time, Team Chimpy think that what undecided voters need in order to make up their minds is more exposure to...Shrub... speaking?

2) The thing that’s so irritating about those little pauses he takes after he gets off one of those zingers, where he stands there smugly smirking until you want to smack him (if I may alliterate), is that he’s so goddamned self-satisfied about a line he didn’t actually come up with himself, just read off the teleprompter.

I was going to look for a picture of Junior smirking to attach to this post, but I think we’ve all suffered enough.

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