Monday, October 04, 2004

Out of the business he loved most--bringing about nuclear Armageddon

The pope has beatified the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Karl I, who approved the use of gas warfare in World War I. Karl I is not to be confused with Austro-Californian Emperor Ahnuuld I, who banned smoking in prisons but likes a good cigar.
(Update: the miracle Karl performed: healed a Brazilian nun’s varicose veins. Almost makes up for the whole poison gas thing. The nun was praying to him in 1960. Why a Brazilian nun was praying to an Austrian emperor, I do not know.)

My cat is on the Bush-Cheney email list. Be warned: they’re recruiting R’s to go door to door on the Oct. 16-17 weekend. So you have plenty of time to dig a mote, fill water balloons, and... I was going to make a joke about showing them your assault rifle, because Republicans love a good assault rifle, but I won’t because neither my cat nor I wish to be visited by the Secret Service.

On CNN, Condi Rice spun Bush’s debate comment that A.Q. Khan had been “brought to justice”: “I think we all know that A.Q. Khan was a particular kind of figure in Pakistani lore, a national hero... A.Q. Khan is out of business and he is out of the business that he loved most. And if you don’t think that his national humiliation is justice for what he did, I think it is. He’s nationally humiliated.” OK, it’s not George-Bush-during-the-debates nationally humiliated, but it’s still nationally humiliated I suppose.

Since the debate, GeeDubya has been going on and on and on about Kerry’s ill-chosen phrase “global test,” a phrase combining the two things Chimpy hates most: tests, and the world.

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