Monday, October 25, 2004

Good for...

The Bush campaign sent another email to my cat. Who is still not impressed.

This one cleverly appeals to her as a Californian, with a link to a webpage that shows “President Bush is Good for California.” Actually, it looks like no one even bothered to customize these pages for each state, just inserted the state name every sentence or two, like a piece of junk mail. There are no pages for Guam, Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia. Each page has pictures, and some of those are pretty generic, too, campaign events, people waving signs. Some are not. See if you can guess which state’s website this picture is from (all pictures are from the Bush website):

That’s right, Texas. Looks kinda naked without the hat.

Ah, that’s....better?

One of the California pictures shows typical young Republicans, at least in California.

And here’s Bush with a typical older Republican. After this picture was taken, he couldn’t color in his coloring books for a week.

After that, he decided it was safer to send a stand-in to California. No one noticed the difference.

He also sent a stand-in to Alaska, because he’s afraid of polar bears.

Arctic Warriors? Um, are we at war with the Eskimos or something? I think we should be told.

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