Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tippecanoe and Hamid Karzai too

Michael Kostiw will not take the CIA position after all. What he shoplifted turns out not to be lingerie, darn it, but bacon. Maybe he just liked the feel of it when he slipped it down the front of his pants. So the petty theft of a package of delicious bacon now disqualifies someone from a career undermining Latin American democracies, assassinating Fidel Castro and falsifying evidence to support plans to invade Muslim nations.

Speaking of bacon shoved into pants (some segues work better than others), Karzai is still on track to be “elected” president by a country 99.9999% of which he is afraid to set foot on. However today, as a BBC headline puts it, “Karzai Braves Rally Outside Kabul.” In fact, his first campaign event outside Kabul. He bravely travelled 60 miles to Ghazni, bravely accompanied only by a fleet of helicopters, fighter jets, shitloads of soldiers and bodyguards etc. Pretty much like Bush, really.

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