Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The brink

Good Slate article on how Bush made a deal over nuclear plants with India which he has no right to make.

I suggested, in a discussion in the comments section on a previous post, that all those Bushies saying there was no civil war in Iraq should be made to give a working definition of the term. Fat chance, of course. This weeks’s spin was set out by Ambassador Khalilzad, who says that Iraq “came to the brink of civil war,” but the “crisis is over” and “the Iraqis decided to come together”. And over the weekend National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said something to the effect that the Iraqis had looked into the abyss and decided they didn’t want one, thanks anyway, really we were just window shopping, but in the end decided that civil war doesn’t really go with our carpets.

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