Friday, February 17, 2006

The sidekicks of evil

Israel will in future allow Palestinians from the West Bank to enter Israel only at one of 11 separate-but-equal checkpoints; the others are reserved for “Israelis,” which includes tourists and... and some would suggest this is the giveaway... anyone entitled to emigrate to Israel under the Law of Return. Oh, and a creeping-annexation alert: 8 of the 11 are not on the actual border, but somewhere inside the West Bank.

In Beijing, a restaurant that serves only penises. And an hour later you want to eat a penis again. The Telegraph penis restaurant reviewer sampled the cuisine, but doesn’t say if yak penis tastes like chicken penis.

I don’t know if this is better or worse than being an axis of evil, but Condi referred yesterday to “Iran’s sidekicks Syria, Venezuela ... and Cuba”. Sidekicks? Sidekicks? What does that even mean? She is also talking about an “inoculation” strategy against Venezuela, which is evidently less a country than a disease now.

If it weren’t for a certain shooting incident, we’d all be having more fun this week with Kenneth Starr’s involvement in fraudulent affidavits submitted as part of a clemency appeal in a death penalty case purportedly from jurors who’d changed their minds (although, sadly, there is no evidence Starr was aware of the fraud)
(none of this , curiously, is even mentioned in the LAT story that link goes to). Starr became convinced that execution would be unjust because the man, who raped, strangled and stabbed a 17-year old girl – oh, and hit her with a hammer – has since become a “deeply sorrowful Christian,” in Starr’s words. Makes you wonder how history would have been different if Clinton had played the Jesus card.

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