Monday, February 13, 2006

Human beings are not normally this inefficient

Today’s Gaggle is especially amusing and worth reading/viewing. One reporter used the line I used as this post’s title. You almost feel sorry for Little Scottie. Okay, you don’t. Looks like the press corps has finally found an issue they’re not willing to be lied to about.

Scottie may not be able to answer basic questions about The Incident, but he does have an answer for the Cartoon Wars: “And I think we ought to look at all the goodwill that’s being shown at the Olympics as an example of the kind of understanding that we would like to see moving forward.”

And evidently God has his own response to the cartoons: a calf born in Egypt whose skin folds form the words (presumably in Arabic but possibly in Moo-Cow) “There is no God but Allah.” I was unable to find a picture.

The lame-duck Palestinian parliament, in its last session, voted to greatly expand the powers of Mahmoud Abbas at the expense of the incoming Hamas-led parliament, including the right to appoint judges to the highest court without parliamentary confirmation. The packed court will then overturn legislation passed by Hamas.

It looks very much like the elections in Haiti are being stolen, or at least forced into a second round (after the first one was postponed 4 or 5 times). Lenin’s Tomb has details, but there’s one Lennie missed: the 50% Preval has to get to prevent that run-off includes 50% of all those ballots which are rejected as “faulty” or (allegedly) blank (14% in some areas). In the election-theft biz, that’s known as having your hanging chad and eating it too.

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