Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I’m the guy who pulled the trigger

Another cartoon contest, in Israel, calling for the best anti-Semitic cartoons, with only Jews allowed to enter because they will not be under-sold.

Dick Cheney forthrightly says that he and not Harry Whittington is responsible for his having shot Whittington in the face – after waiting four days to see how well having his surrogates say the reverse was playing out, maybe have a few focus groups...

By the way, the line I’d like to see engraved on Cheney’s head-stone: “I’m the guy who pulled the trigger.”

The interview will be on Fox at 3 pm PT. I... may... have more to say afterwards.

Bush gives a speech on “health savings accounts. I call them HSAs. When you hear me say HSA, that’s kind of government-speak for health savings account.” He gave the speech at the hq of Wendy’s, a fast-food chain. Not being fully conversant with the concept of insurance, he finds it “interesting” that people with insurance pay only part of their own health care costs.
It means most Americans have no idea what their actual cost of treatment is. You show up, you got a traditional plan, you got your down payment, you pay a little co-pay, but you have no idea what the cost is. Somebody else pays it for you. And so there’s no reason at all to kind of worry about price.
And that’s a bad thing, that sick people don’t have to kind of worry about medical bills. He keeps talking about people making their health care decisions themselves, but of course what he’s advocating is having them make their health care decisions on financial rather than medical grounds. Now when people make their dietary decisions on those grounds... I did mention that he was speaking at the headquarters of Wendy’s, didn’t I?

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