Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bush goes to school, learns nothing

Bush went to a magnet school in Maryland today, and learned all about magnets. Science, he said, is “cool.” Except for climatology and evolution and genetics and...

You know, just once I’d like him, when he goes to a school, to go to a crappy one, or even an average one, and sit in on a real average class. He just has no idea. He sees the dog and pony show, he sees “people using little devices to look for sun spots,” and he thinks that’s what it’s like every day. Here he is defending No Child Left Behind:
And, oh, by the way, I’ve heard every excuse not to measure -- you know, You’re teaching the test. No, you’re teaching a child to read so he or she can pass the test, that’s what you’re doing. Or, All you do is test. No, good schools are those who [sic] have got a curriculum that enables a child to be able to pass a standardized test. That’s what we’re talking about.

Today the Parkland Magnet Middle School for Aerospace Technology, tomorrow, ze world!

Here he greets students of the magnet school while standing on the chest of the photographer taking this picture.

Here a student explains his science project for the fourth time, using even smaller words, but Bush still just doesn’t get it.

And finally a couple of random pictures from the visit of Bush looking like a doofus.

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