Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The kind of progress that is political progress

Condi tries to lower expectations that the new Iraqi government will actually accomplish anything any time soon: “I just hope that people understand and keep those expectations in check... Progress is going to be the kind of progress that is political progress, which doesn’t come in great flashes, it doesn’t come in great outbursts of another election or purple fingers or any of that.”

And Bush had deep philosophical conversations when he phoned Iraq’s president, speaker of parliament & PM-to-be and “encouraged them to stand strong for the Iraqi people. I reminded them the people had voted, the people had expressed their desire for democracy and unity, and now there’s a chance for these leaders to stand up and lead.” I know it was quite some time ago but... he reminded them the people had voted.

The London Times has two stories today whose headlines are so good that the stories themselves could only be a let-down: “Stop Condom Pyres, Mourners Told” and “Pope on Pogo Stick ‘Inappropriate.’”

New “Get Your War On.”

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