Friday, April 21, 2006

She was yelling at the president

So what assistant US Attorney prosecuting Wang Wenyi said when she denied that Wang’s speech was actually speech was, “She was yelling at the president. You can’t walk into a theater and yell ‘Fire!’ The First Amendment does not permit her to engage in criminal conduct.” You have to go to law school to learn that sort of logic, or possibly Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV.

Which doesn’t explain the logic of the WaPo, which editorializes that she shouldn’t go to prison. So far so good. Then they say “The Secret Service was right to hustle her off the grounds.” Okay. Then they say, “President Bush was right to apologize.” Wrong wrong wrong, and wrong. As the Danish government rightly said when asked ever so politely by the Muslim world to apologize for those cartoons, it is not the place of the government of a free people to apologize for the speech of its citizens. That’s what free speech means.

Bush came to California today, which he doesn’t do often because his staffers like to feed him made-up stories about the weird sex habits of Californians, just to see what they can get him to believe. This is why he said, “I know people here are suffering at the gas pump.” I’m not sure what he thinks we do at, or possibly with, the gas pump...

Speaking of pumping, he met with our beloved governor, so once again I’m disguising my laziness with a CAPTION CONTEST! YAY!

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