Monday, April 17, 2006


China is bestowing upon a no-doubt grateful Tibet a 35-ton, 24-foot statue of Mao, which they decided was a cheaper way of “marking” their territory than the original plan, which involved tanker trains full of urine.

The sculptor claims that he tried to make Mao look a bit like Buddha. Searching for stories on this, I couldn’t help but notice that Xinhua, the Chinese government news agency, also features prominently a story, “Cruise: Holmes is a Scientologist.” Evidently that’s big news in China. Big “Dawson’s Creek” and “Risky Business” fans, I’m guessing.

Speaking of granite (the Mao statue, not Tom Cruise’s acting) (or the contents of Katie Holmes’s head for getting involved with Tom Cruise), Bush today visited a Europa Stone Distributors. Here, he is seen mesmerized by his own reflection in a polished granite table.

Little-known fact: Dick Cheney casts no reflection.

Here, he is seen hangin’ with some of the workers there, in a picture which is in no way awkward.

And for this picture, you may provide your own caption:

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