Thursday, April 27, 2006

He works from Maine to Mexico

A Senate committee says that FEMA should be disbanded and rebuilt from scratch. George Bush immediately went to work.

Oh okay, he was actually “helping” rebuild the home of Ethel Williams, seen here being used quite literally as a prop.

His tendency to stray far, far into other peoples’ personal spaces is always at its strongest, for some reason, with black women. Here he was yesterday with National Teacher of the Year Kimberly Oliver.

In Biloxi, he made what Reuters calls an “impromptu” stop at a gas station, where he commiserated with redneck SUV owners about the price of gas. “Yeah, just shut up and squeegee the damned windshield, Mr. President.”

I want my approval ratings back up to 40% pronto, or the pup gets it.

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