Tuesday, September 12, 2006


All day bloggers have been pointing out that George Allen’s campaign website has pictures of Allen meeting Saturday with members of the Macacan-American community at an “ethnic rally.” Many of those bloggers took screen shots under the mistaken impression that Allen’s people would be embarrassed by the ridicule into taking them down. But maybe Allen’s people all have Confederate paraphernalia and nooses in their offices too, cuz it’s all still up there. At the Ethnic Rally, Allen declared it to be “invigorating to be here with people from all sorts of different and diverse backgrounds”.

Doesn’t he look invigorated?

Speaking of invigorated, Condi Rice is pursuing America’s foreign-policy goals in a place I’m told is not part of the United States, some place the natives call Canada (I’m not sure what we call it in English). The Toronto Star has a slide show of “Condi’s Canadian adventure,” including this photo of her sampling the exotic local cuisine.

A Virginia woman who smoked pot with her 13-year old son as a reward when he finished his homework is facing charges of being the coolest mom ever.

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