Thursday, September 07, 2006

Restoration tragedy

In the NYT today, David Sanger writes, “Mr. Bush is challenging Congress to restore to him the authority to put the United States’ worst enemies on trial on terms he has defined.” Restore? The whole point of the federal court rulings has been that Bush does not have and never had that authority either under law or the constitution.

O.J. Simpson has failed to give the heirs of Ron Goldman the $33.5 million they were awarded, so Goldman’s father is asking LA County Superior Court to transfer to him O.J.’s “right of publicity,” including the rights to his name, image and likeness.

The Iraqi government announced that it hanged 27 “terrorists” Wednesday. Which seems to be all it’s willing to disclose; it wouldn’t say where this took place, and I don’t think it released their names. Secret mass executions are back, baby! Freedom, ain’t it grand?

No, really, ain’t it?

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