Monday, September 04, 2006

Just treat us the way we treat you

I’ve had one report of problems with this site in Internet Explorer 6. Has anyone else experienced that? My current stats show that 39% of you are using IE6 to access my blog, but they don’t say if that’s the last thing you ever did.

Bush gave a little Labor Day speech at the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education. He doesn’t have much to offer actual working-class people, so he talked about tax cuts: “I like it when people are working for a living, have more after-tax money in their pocket. That’s what I like.”

And he talked about dependence on foreign oil: “I mean, the problem is we get oil from some parts of the world and they simply don’t like us.” You know what they call parts of the world that don’t like us? The world.

He talked about opening up foreign markets to American goods: “See, we got 5 percent of the world’s people here in the United States, which means 95 percent are potential customers.” He added, “And my message to the world is this: Just treat us the way we treat you.” There’s a truly scary thought.

I’ll leave you with a better one, which I stumbled upon on the Internet Movie Database: there will be a Futurama movie (for video).

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