Friday, September 22, 2006

A very rude remark

On the Detainee Detention Bill “compromise”: what Digby said.

It includes retroactive immunity for past violations of the Geneva Conventions. Of course nothing was stopping Bush from using his pardon power. And when Congress votes on this, it will have no idea exactly what past acts it will be granting immunity to. This isn’t just legal immunity, it’s an act of willful ignorance about what was done in our names.

Only Bush can interpret the Geneva Conventions.

Evidence obtained through torture will be allowed.

OK, I’m going to stop listing the defects in this deal, or we’ll be here all night. There may be something good in it, but don’t see it. Can anyone else?

BBC headline: “Palestinians Split on Unity Plan.”

Pakistani Prez Musharraf says Richard Armitage’s 2001 threat to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age was “a very rude remark.” Quite.

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