Monday, September 25, 2006

Well, that’s a lie

The British Labour party is having its annual conference. Gordon Brown gave a speech today, and just as he was saying what a privilege it’s been to work with Tony Blair, Cherie Blair was overheard commenting, “Well, that’s a lie.” So that’s all the British newspapers are talking about today. Cherie, by the way, denies having said anything of the kind, and the Labour party machinery suggested that she’d actually said macaca “I need to get by.” No one believes the denials, but no one believes Brown’s praise of Tony Blair either.

I’m not sure how many Americans know that Cherie Blair’s father Tony Booth, a lefty actor along Rob Reiner lines, played the long-haired lefty son-in-law of a cockney bigot in the tv show that was adapted in America as All in the Family. And that the Booths are an old acting family, one of whose members once intervened rather significantly in American politics.

At a press conference with visiting Afghan puppet Karzai (who failed to bring any of his nation’s journalists with him), Rumsfeld was asked whether he would resign, as three retired generals (all of whom served in Iraq) have been calling for:
Q Are you considering resigning at all --


Q -- and if so, why not?

And about the Army chief, Gen. Schoomaker’s, refusal to submit a budget because he is not being given enough money to do the job, the Pentagon transcript quotes Rumsfeld thusly: “(Inaudible) -- the Army for some weeks. (Inaudible) -- the Army -- (inaudible) -- it will continue -- (inaudible) -- if not, the budget will then go to the president, and then the president will send it to Congress and -- (inaudible).” How an inaudible bill becomes an inaudible law, Rummy-style.

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