Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bush meets some guy

Today George Bush met Vice President, um, Thingamabob of Iraq: “It’s been my honor to meet with the Vice President of Iraq again. I had the pleasure of meeting the Vice President in Baghdad. ... The Vice President suffered unspeakable violence in his family. ... And Mr. Vice President, I respect your courage and I respect your advice. ... I spent time with the Vice President today talking about the conditions in Iraq... And my heart goes out to those, Mr. Vice President, who have suffered at the hands of extremists and killers. ... And so Mr. Vice President, my message to you today, and to the Iraqi people is, we want to help you...” Whoever you are.

“And I thank you for being a leader of one aspect of Iraqi society -- you’re the leader of many Sunnis and you’re committed to a government that is Shia, Sunni, Kurdish and everybody else in your country, every other group in your country that will help us yield peace.”

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