Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cut and run is not his cup of tea

Stephen Hadley, on the Sunday talk show circuit run, said that Bush won’t use the Iraq Study Group commission as cover for withdrawal from Iraq: “That isn’t graceful withdrawal, that’s cut and run. And, of course, as the president’s said, cut and run is not his cup of tea.” Best... mixed metaphor... ever!

Tim Russert asked Sadly Hadley (I’ve decided Hadley needs a nickname; his name also rhymes with badly and madly – and nadly, which isn’t a word but suggests a certain gonadal quality – but somehow I suspect I’ll wind up using “Boo” Hadley) if the thing about taking our hand off the bicycle seat in the Rummy memo didn’t imply that the Iraqis were like children. Hadley: “I think what’s interesting about the meeting the president had with Prime Minister Maliki this week in Amman, Jordan, is that it was Prime Minister Maliki who came in to the president and said, ‘We in the Iraqi unity government are ready to take more responsibility for our own future.’” Stevie, that just makes Maliki sound like a kid giving a speech about why he needs a larger allowance.

Hadley blamed the current dismal security situation on Saddam Hussein’s army for losing to us so quickly: “You know, Tim, people forget that, that we had hoped to have 150,000 to 200,000 Iraqi army forces to help in the security proposition, and those forces melted away at the close of the war.” Well that was just plain naughty of them. Now, even ignoring that Bremer dissolved the unmelted parts of the Iraqi army, is Hadley really suggesting that the plan was to defeat the Iraqi army and then the very next day put it to work under our command?

Caption contest: Hadley ran into Holy Joe Lieberman before “Face the Nation” (they appeared in separate segments). What are they saying?

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