Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Japan has resumed its Christmas tradition of secretive executions (whatever happened to a lump of coal in a stocking?). Without advanced warning, four men were taken from their cells and hanged by the wrinkly neck (two of them were in their seventies) until dead.

It’s a slow news day even over at the Pentagon website, where the big scoop is “Medics Clear Rats From Saddam Hussein’s Bunker.” Evidently after Saddam was removed from power, hundreds of rats took over. No, there’s no metaphor here. US Special Forces used the underground bunker complex until last January, and rather brilliantly left behind a lot of food. The rats thrived, and now the remaining food can’t be removed without a great swarm of rats streaming out of the bunker. Really, there is absolutely no metaphor to see here, move along. “The body count of the dead rats did lead [Lt. Col. Van] Sherwood to believe the problem had been solved and shouldn’t happen again.” Honestly, I don’t know why you people persist in seeing metaphors where there are simply no metaphors to see.

Speaking of hanging and rats, I see I’m not the only one suspicious that the timing of Saddam’s execution is being coordinated with Bush’s announcement of his New Way Forward (TM). The execution warrant has to be signed by the president and both vice presidents. The Sunni veep, according to the AP, was only given the job last April on the condition that he would sign the warrant.

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