Friday, December 08, 2006

Well, if anyone knows about terrible mistakes...

If I had to watch all the Bush press conferences I blog about, I’d have drowned in my own stomach acids long ago. But if you think you can’t despise Bush more than you already do, you should look at the video of yesterday’s presser with Blair, I can’t find it as a clip but at 22 minutes in, he’s asked to prove he wasn’t still in denial about Iraq, and he snaps, “It’s bad in Iraq,” then does this sharp nod, says, “Does that help?” and then the “Heh heh heh” thing. It was bad enough in the transcript, but seeing it... could not be more loathsome.
(Update: thanks to alert reader sam_m for a link to that clip.)

Well, not without swastikas and chants of “Sieg Heil,” such as were seen at a meeting of a Polish political party, part of the governing coalition, the League of Polish Families. Swastikas in Poland!

No swastikas at Rumsfeld’s very last Pentagon “town hall meeting” today, although he did flash some sort of gang sign.

He said withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and/or Iraq would be a “terrible mistake” and bitched about American impatience and... oh just fuck off already.

There’s a funny typo in the Pentagon website article about the event: “Rumsfeld acknowledged the Iraqis who ‘through it all, believe their future is bright,’ and who ‘are working to forget something they have never had before: a free (and) representative country.’” Took me a minute to realize that must have been “forge” rather than “forget.”

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