Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chimpy and Yayi

If circumcision cuts the risk of HIV infection in half, wouldn’t castration be just that much more effective?

Today Bush met with Benin’s president, Boni Yayi, who has such a fun name he should be a coup leader in Fiji.

As was the case yesterday, Bush seems to have difficulty distinguishing countries from human beings: “And, Mr. President, I’m proud to announce today that you’re one of the countries that we’ll be concentrating our help upon.”

Then they both attended a “White House Summit on Malaria,” which Bush said “sounded like a festive occasion.” Ha ha. Let’s send him to Africa with a fly-swatter and a couple of cans of Raid to take care of the problem personally.

That’s Isaiah Washington, who is black and plays a doctor on television, which to the Bushes makes him an expert on tropical medicine, plus he gets to make out with Sandra Oh, so there’s that.

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