Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It makes you wonder about the forthrightedness

Sarah Palin chatted with reporters today. She explained that the William Ayers issue was like totally relevant, in fact the key to understanding everything there is to know about Obama: “It is pertinent, it’s important because when you consider Barack Obama’s reaction to and explanation to his association there, and without him being clear at all on what he knew and when he knew it, that I think kinda peaks into his ability to tell us the truth on, not only on association but perhaps other things also. ... It makes you wonder about the forthrightedness, the truthfulness of the plans that he is telling America in regards to the economic recovery because that is first and foremost on American’s minds. ... It comes down to one ticket’s proposal that can be trusted and another ticket’s proposal to deal with some of these issues and maybe questioning the truthfulness, the intention. I think it is very relevant.” And so on, at considerably greater length.

MORE ABOUT THEIR SEX LIVES THAN WE REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW: “You know, I’ve been in an underdog position quite often in my life and so has John McCain”.

ON TINY FEY: “She’s a hoot”. [CORRECTION: Tina Fey. I can't believe no one pointed out this typo.]


Where will she watch the presidential debate?: “Looking for restaurant. I know I just don’t want to be in my hotel room with campaign staffers, etc.” That’s what she can contribute to the campaign: going to a restaurant.

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