Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Military justice triumphs

Sgt. Frank Wuterich is not, in fact, going to spend a single day in prison for leading the Haditha Massacre, because evidently he’s suffered enough. So 24 deaths, and he gets a reduction in rank (update: maybe not even that). I don’t even think he gets the reduction in pay, since that was only to be during his time in prison.

He issued a statement to the families of those he and his men slaughtered: “I wish to assure you that on that day it was never my intention to harm you or your families. I know that you are the real victims of Nov. 19, 2005.”

“For six years I have had to accept that my name will always be associated with a massacre, with being a cold-blooded baby killer, an ‘out-of-control’ monster and a conspiring liar,” the out-of-control monster continued. “There’s nothing I can do about whoever believes those things. All I can do is continue to be who I’ve always been – me.”

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