Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today -100: October 10, 1912: Of holy undertakings, perfume, and ape stomachs

King Nicholas of Montenegro’s proclamation of war against Turkey calls it “this holy undertaking.” Aren’t they all, aren’t they all.

The Turkish foreign minister notes that Montenegro was in such a hurry that it began the war a bit before the declaration of war was made to the Porte. Also, that Montenegro hasn’t actually stated any reasons for going to war.

Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia are moving in the general direction of declaring war – recalling their ambassadors and so on – but haven’t yet done so.

Parochial Headline of the Day -100: “How the War Hurts Us.” The war has cut off the supply of attar of roses, which is used in high-end perfumes. War is hell.

Correction of the Day -100: I must have missed the original story, but the NYT now says that a Dr. Rovlies of Paris did not in fact replace the stomach of a man with that of an ape.

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